Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pulvis Procreator
Makers of Dust,
Agents of Destruction,
Agents of Chaos

1. The Great Reducer moves with willful ponderance, destroying all in its collective path. It is the counter to the Creator of all Things, a twin to the collective force that plans and breathes life into the lungs of the cosmos. Creator and Reducer dance together in concert, recycling and renewing all things for all eternity.

2. The cycle of destruction utilized and adhered to by the collective Reducer is necessary for rebirth and moves according to unalterable design.

3. The cycle is not figurative and is of a directed nature, carried out by agents of chaos and destruction employed and trained for specific functions. Each division of labor builds upon the efforts of its prior division and leaves increasingly refined, exponentially purer material for processing by each successive level of organization. Agents are assigned to every conceivable frequency along the spectrum, as physical existence in each facilitates rapid deployment of the required tasks necessary for complete dismantling of that particular frequency system.

4. It has always been the order of the project. It will always be the order while life exists in the infinite sea.

5. Creation without destruction is not pragmatic or functional in a cosmic sense. Life and Death are sides of a coin. Annuls dedicated to the creators are many, little is written in your world of those that come before and after their project and mission.

6. Their purposes are not at odds. Their methods do not constitute an ethical or moral stance. They are free from subjective judgement and answer only to the Progenitor of all Motion in relation to tasks and protocol. The Great Reducer must fulfill assigned tasks. As must the Great Creator. Each are aspects of the Originating Source itself and are absolutely in agreement. Each represents a collective of sentient fractal entities.

7. Each connects to the Earth in sections, like oval mirrors embedded in the surface, at intervals tight and narrow. Little space is between. Each flat like the surface of a mirror, yet containing worlds like our own within. These world stack together in layers about the sphere on which they operate at any given phase. In this way, their collectives are able to access the third dimensional worlds at angles, allowing full interface with the minuscule aspects that compose the very matter of the sphere. Energetic manifestations surrounding the sphere must be manipulated and altered in advance of the actual physical manipulation or the process is slowed, even reversed with the influx of energetic matrices into the material viscera. Each must be approached incrementally, often from the inside through material entities residing within the dimensional frequency of that particular sphere. Each must initiate change through agents of chaos recruited from within the ranks of the inhabitants of that sphere. Thought, intention, will must be aligned in the majority of the inhabitants in order for the energetic construct that surrounds and nourishes the sphere can alter itself to accept change and deconstruction.

8. The agents of change represent the spectrum in which they reside and are utilized within the confined of a particular vibrational band to alter and prepare segmentally for deconstruction of the assigned region. Often the preparation is subtle and multi dimension, often it begins with the application of energetic manifestation through the introduction of a chaos inducing set of memes or ideas. These initial interjections build upon the collective energetic intent of the inhabitants of a sphere and begin to distill along the event matrix until they manifest as a collective drive toward a prescribed behavior designed to initiate physical actions, leading to deconstruction of the material sphere. They are makers of dust. Equal in calling to organizers and sustainers and protectors. They come when the others complete their task. They come to make us dust once again.

9. To dust and from dust. Each must be mastered by an overlord. The overlords are appointed, have been appointed and placed milenia before to direct the process. Each is named according to position and responsibility. Each is an agent unto themselves within the parameters of the protocol.

10. One creates. One reduces again for creation to begin. This is the cycle. The dance of the dustmakers.